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The Bite of ‘87


(Sorry this is shorter than my other one…it’s more straightforward…)

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria was in dire need of a new security guard. The role of a security guard was fairly essential, since every business needed one in order to enforce and guarantee the safety needed. From the complaints of the lack of safety that spread through the pizzeria from the adults as it is, it was fairly essential that they needed at least SOMETHING to stick by to prevent any robberies, murders, or anything else of the kind.

Many people wouldn’t understand why a robbery or anything of the sort would take place, since one glance at an animatronic would creep out someone as it is. But it wasn’t robberies the pizzeria was concerned about. It was of the animatronics themselves.

Many would think that the owner of the restaurant was concerned of the children’s well being around the robots, but the owner was actually concerned of the state of the animatronics, rather than the children’s. The owner was actually pretty greedy, and Freddy’s band combined with Pirate’s Cove just had the money raking in by the second. And to have any of the animatronics permanently damaged and not being able to replaced or to have ran off was something they could not afford.

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